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    Fjalor Shqip – Italisht by:

    25.000 fjalë

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    Pictorial English Dictionary by:

    The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary
    Fully ilustrated.
    Over 28.000 objects in science and medicine, the arts and leisure activities, industry, and new technology.
    Certain kinds of information are conveyed visually than by written definitions. It is for instance, easier and clearer to describe the features of a range of fold mountains, a Corinthian column, or the workings of an internal combustion engine with a picture than with a verbal description.
    Each doubl page of this dictionary explains the vocabulary of a particular subject by means of a picture ilustrating it. The illustrations are clearly drawn and finely detailed, and an alphabetical index is also provided for quick and easy reference.
    An essential complement to any dictionary of English.